Water hose hook up shark tank

Water hose hook up shark tank

Water hose hook up shark tank

He wanted to pay Jeff a percentage of the profits after they hit certain hurdles along the way.

Connect hose to hydrant in less than 3 seconds. The social media pages for this company hav not been touched since 2015, and it seems like this company was unable to make it on its own. Robert asked if he was just going to go to different Fire Department and ask them to buy it just to save 8 Seconds. Just accepted Marks offer, and Barbara told him that he made a good move.

They have no access to computers in the studio and all they can do is take notes. Lets take a look. HyConn on Shark Tank, jeff Stroope from Cabot, Arkansas started off his segment with his introduction video. That meant more to him than the money. Despite the story Im writing right now its still 4 od dating my favorite television program of all time. Kevin wanted to know what each one costs. Burginger wrote in to m on Monday saying: Your blog post about Squirrel Nut is interesting.

Set over this but he was operating the truck one day and realize that it was taking. Set over this but he was operating the truck one day and realize that it was taking too long to provide water to the fire scene. There have been a handful of contingency deals in the past three seasons.

Jeff said that he was working towards that, but had not gotten approval yet. Jeff said that 6 more of the fire department will working on getting the paperwork together for the purchase orders.

Hy-Conn - A super-fast connector for fire hydrants and garden hoses

Barbara asked him if it was part of the same deal. Easy, attach Hy-Conn with no threading or wrenching. Stroopes episode aired again last month and he was faced with the exact same issue.

For use with garden hoses. Cuban also admits that the pitch sessions can last anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour. He worked on high comment the side on the nights and weekends.

Mark Cuban was rather new to the show and when Stroope made his pitch for a fire hose and garden hose accessory that made it much quicker to mount a hose to the faucet, or fire truck, Cuban got into a fierce bidding war with. Mark said that he liked the small version so much that he was going to offer Jeff.25 million dollars for 100 of the company with a three-year water hose hook up shark tank Employment contract and 100,000 a year to run the show. One of the rules of the Shark Tank is that you have to convince at least one of the sharks to invest exactly what youre asking for or more, or you walk away with nothing. He said that there are too many homes and American Dreams being destroyed by fire, and HyConn was the way to solve that problem. In some cases the sharks have made contingency deals. As a result John backed out of the deal.

HyConn Update - What Happened After

If If youre a regular reader of Nibletz, the voice of startups everywhere else, then you should also be a loyal viewer of The Shark christmas gift ideas for a man you just started dating Tank on ABC. Left: Hy-Conns.5 Pro Edition Hydrant to Hose Connector is available on Amazon. Jeff said legal age difference dating ontario that he thought that there was a budget for the hike.

Hy-Conn is an adapter that connects hoses to fire hydrants in seconds. That doesnt seem to be the case. HyConn Before Shark Tank, jeff Stroope has been a fireman for a long time. He said legal age difference dating ontario that the product was ready to make money.

Just let them know that the product will be made out of plastic. Kevin said that he found the whole thing just tasteful, and told Jeff that he was being taken advantage of by Mark. The exposure from the show was great in theory however Stroope got so many orders that without the up front capital Cuban had promised asian dating in london he wasnt able to fulfill those orders. In 2013, Stroope finally received his patent for HyConn but as of July 2016, the product is not available for purchase on the website.

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